Meeelting is an experiment in self expression. Almost like a nickname. Like Banksy but different. Hot content makes you melt. When the limbs and joints first begin to loosen and the material body starts to melt away. Solid to liquid.

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If I am not designing, concepting, filming or taking pictures, I am probably getting my ass wet and salty or I’m getting salty thinking about designing, concepting, filming or taking pictures. That's what Meeelting is all about: The things I love and wish I could do more often.

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Bondi Beast

This is a photo I took when I first moved to Australia. I was looking for the perfect picture to capture my Bondi vibe: surf, sand and bikes.

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Tropical Luck

I invited the photographer Allyson Alaponte and the model Raissa Bittencourt to go explore the Brazilian coast/jungle on the weekend and take some pictures. We were featured in Trip Magazine. You can find the pictures here.


Say goodbye

Say goodbye to what you were. That's the concept of the book and my concept in life too. You can't remain the same, it's not a choice. Embrace it.