Working on my own ideas without the barriers and bureaucracies of big corporations, taught me a lot about the whole creative process. it gives you what they call “Creative maturity”. I find myself instantly connected to people with the same mindset. That’s why Meeelting exists. Meeelting showcases the crème de la crème of pop culture and people.

The articles feature highly qualified individuals, from truly inspiring artists to awarded chef cuisiniers. Meet the people with that extra 5% that puts them in a different category from regular humans. Each article delves into their dark side, secrets, inspirations and what it takes to reach that spot.


The changing economy has been influencing how people relate to each other at work. Full of antiquated narratives, being the idea of efficiency one of the most outdated of them. We no longer live in a manufacturing economy, we live in an informational era. Our imaginations, our ability to innovate and our ability to solve problems are the requirements of today’s work place.


Pascal works remotely, and according to himself he is now a more productive and keen designer. Being able to plan everyday in the week according to his own timeline made him feel like working is something he enjoy doing it, it doesn’t feel like an obligation. He has now more time to do other creative outlets.


Theres a point in every startups life where they need to ‘go to market’. They could have spent this year building prototypes, creating the greatest car in the world. Only to step out of the workshop and find that nobody really wanted it, or wanted to pay for it. The sooner you can test it, the less of our time and money you put into the unknown.




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